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Flowers Grown on Broken Walls is a collection of heartfelt poems and prose that tell the story of being heartbroken, takes you to the inner journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and love in a world surrounded by social media and judgment. Containing pieces of writing that are raw and honest, this poetry book is truly captivating and makes you feel like you are right there with them at the moment. The author, who is also an artist, tries to find hope in all the horror that surrounds her as she goes through emotional trauma and pain. It is a story for everyone to find something relatable because we all go through such emotions and agony at some point in our lives. This book helps you realize that your flaws make you perfect – they give you character; they tell your story. And that’s what makes this book so significant.

About Author

Farena Bajwa Writer

Fareena Bajwa, a truly gifted author, has created this timeless book that carries the readers through its narrative of love, friendship, loss, and hope to present them with visual and emotional puzzles and to make them realize they are not alone struggling through such emotions. She shares about battling demons, seeking redemption, self-discovery, or finding hope that makes the readers turn each page to unravel such emotions and empathize with them as they feel less alone.


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